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Hyuuga Neji
Hidden Leaf Village Konoha
Hyuuga Neji

Country: Leaf
Village: Konoha
Rank: Jounin
Age: 19
Height: 6'
Weight: 67kg
Birthday: July 3rd
Bloodtype: O

Neji's Past:

Three words can effectively sum up Neji: calm, cooled and collected. Hailed as the prodigy of the Hyuuga clan, [an ancient family in the Hidden Leaf Village] Neji is a genius who has already mastered some of the most prestigious techniques the clan has to offer, and he is only a year older than Naruto. Neji carries the Advanced Bloodline of the "Byakugan" which is said to be one of the oldest advanced bloodline in the Hidden Leaf and the veritable ancestor of the Uchiha clan. Neji is discernible by his snow-white eyes [which are possessed by the entire clan]. So with this regal heir, Neji has become quite a haughty boy. He claims that destiny is the end all for everything and that we as humans cannot do anything. For such a talented young man that is one major downfall: his vindictive and bitter attitude towards people is something to be disliked. This mentality is passed down from generation to generation.

The Hyuuga family is split into two parts: the Main House and the Branch House. The reason they are separated is because the Main House is destined to hold the original blood of the Hyuuga and as such its heritage must be protected. The Branch house was created to protect the Main House at all costs thus resulting in the death and suffering of many a Branch House member. This slighted feeling that the Branch House possess is not unfounded. The Branch House members are put under a terrible curse at a young age. A curse seal Jutsu is cast on them and the symbol of "Bird in the Cage" is marked into their forehead which will stay there until they die. This brand isn't just to distinguish the Main House from the Branch House; it is in place so that the Main House can maintain a level of control to the lower members of the Hyuuga clan. A simple hand seal inflicts massive amount of agony into the mind of those who carry the mark and can quite easily kill them if need be. Neji belongs to the Branch House, and is marked like his fellow House members and his deceased father before him. This is where his hatred for the Main House and Hinata [his cousin] spawned.

When Neji was four years old, a Shinobi from the Cloud Country arrived in the Leaf Country to sign an alliance treaty because the warring factions had been at war for some time. All the while, it was the Hyuuga heir’s birthday. The heir was Neji’s cousin, Hinata. This would also be the day Neji had his seal carved into his head. Neji and Hinata’s fathers were twins. Hinata’s father Hiashi was the first-born of the pair and became a member of the Main House; Neji's father Hizashi was put into the Branch House. It was Hiashi who placed the seal onto Neji, making him a true Branch House member and he was sworn to protect the advanced blood for the rest of his life. A few days after the Shinobi from the Cloud Country had arrived, someone attempted to kidnap Hinata. Hiashi, her father, quickly disposed of the assailant and revealed that it was the same Shinobi who had just signed the alliance agreement. It turned out that the Cloud Country was one of the many countries out to obtain the secrets of the Hyuuga and their Byakugan.

Enraged at the death of one of their leaders the Cloud Country demanded that Hiashi [the man who killed their Shinobi] be sacrificed. After much contemplation the Leaf Village succumbed to the Cloud’s demands. However, to keep the blood of the Main House alive, Hizashi's life was sacrificed and his corpse was sent to replace that of his brother [without letting Cloud know this]. That is the reason Neji hates the Main House. Without hesitation they sacrificed his father’s life for the betterment of the Main House. Neji directed all of his hatred of the Main House on Hinata who was their heir, albeit she was much weaker than Neji and completely incompetent as a Ninja to boot. A child with the potential to harness the ultimate power of the Hyuuga to its limit and at the same time is denied the heir is irony that Neji cannot comprehend. His goal is to surpass the Main House and to become so strong that nobody can defeat him. It is no doubt that with the Byakugan in his arsenal such a goal is entirely possible.

Neji's eyes allow him to perform many exceptional techniques but they also give him the comfort of having an absolute defense. One of his key techniques is the Heavenly Spin. Using the Byakugan to its potential, Neji can see 359° around his body and sense nearly all the attacks approaching him. Then, using his Hakkeshou, [the Chinese martial art of gentle fist fighting] Neji unlocks his chakra openings and decants large amounts of chakra to stop the incoming assault. He then uses his body to spin at high speeds to blast away anything within range. This technique has been only conquered by the Main House to date. For Neji to master this technique is extraordinary. Another example of Neji's attacks is the 64 hands of Hakke. This is a special technique that blocks every single chakra opening on the opponent’s body. This completely seals the chakra holes in the body [entrances in which chakra are released] rendering any Jutsus useless. The 64 hands of Hakke needs an extreme physical capability and for Neji to use it so facilely indubitably shows his brilliance as a Ninja.

Neji's Advanced Bloodline - The Byakugan (White Eyes):

The Byakugan, literally White Eyes, is an exceedingly special condition of the eye that occurs naturally in all members of the Hyuuga clan. While it is believed that the Byakugan is genetically related to the Uchiha clan Sharingan, it is capable of many things the Sharingan is not and as Hatake Kakashi states, in terms of insight the Byakugan surpassed even his own Sharingan.

Used mainly as a taijutsu enhancer, the Byakugan gives it's user many great abilities including the ability to have a 360 degree field of vision, except for one tiny blind spot beneath the first thoraic vertebra, this tiny spot is the only known weakness of this special ability. With the Byakugan activated it's user has the ability to detect anything that moves around them in a 50 foot radius, making the Byakugan a difficult task to fight against. When used with chakra the Byakugan becomes more powerful and can see through most solid matter over extremely long distances and allows it's user to see the inner coil system of the enemy, opening them to an attack on their tenketsu (Chakra Holes) by the hand of the Jyuuken (Gentle Fist). Only very advanced users of the Byakugan such as Hyuuga Neji can use the aforementioned Jyuuken technique, but when used successfully it can shut off the chakra flow of the opponent which has disasterous effects.

As one of only two known pupil techniques in the known world, the other being the Uchiha clan Sharingan, it is only natural that there are several techniques which may only be performed by one who possesses the Byakugan. These techniques include the Hakkeshou Kaiten (Hand of Eight Divinations - Heavenly Spin) which creates an impenetrable dome barrier of chakra around the user, shielding all physical attacks and is one sure way to defend against the one open blind spot. Other techniques exclusive to the Byakugan are Hakkeshou Rokujuu Yonshou (Hand of Eight Divinations - Sixty-Four Palms) which makes use of the ability to see and strike the tenketsu (Chakra Holes)of the opponent, shutting them down and rendering him unable to use any techniques that involve the use of chakra, and potentially killing him. Only one person has been able to use chakra successfully after such a strike, Uzumaki Naruto, for the sole reason that he has two sources of chakra (His normal chakra and that of the Kyuubi) which allowed him to continue in battle using chakra techniques.

Neji's Jutsu:

Jyuuken (Gentle Fist):
This is the opposite of the Tekken (Iron Fist) Taijutsu style. The attacks are softer, more open palm, and cause damage by flowing chakra into the opponent's inner coil system of chakra veins and tenketsu (chakra holes). Attacking through the inner coil system allows them to cause damage to their opponent's internal organs, which nobody can train, as the chakra veins surround all the chakra producing organs, most notably the heart.

Also, by sealing the three hundred and sixty-one tenketsu in the human body, the ninja can cut off their opponent's ability to control their chakra, limiting their means to attack, and possibly even killing them. Only members of the Hyuuga Clan can use this style, as one must have the Byakugan to see the inner coil system of the human body.

Hakkeshou - Kaiten (Hand of the Eight Divinations: Heavenly Spin):
A Ninjutsu technique where the ninja expels chakra from every one of their tenketsu, effectively pausing any attack moments before it would connect with them. Then, they spin their body like a top while continually expelling chakra from their body in a twisting sphere.

This is a very complicated technique because it requires expert control of chakra and a large amount of stamina to use. Typically, in battle, even a ninja at the level of Jounin is only able to expel chakra from a single part of their body while in heated combat. To use this technique and utilize every tenketsu at once is almost impossible. It is an extremely advanced jutsu that only members of the Hyuuga Clan can use.

Hakkeshou - Rokujuu Yonshou (Hand of the Eight Divinations: Sixty-Four Palms):
A Taijutsu technique utilizing the Byakugan (White Eyes) and the Jyuuken (Gentle Fist). With the ability to see the inner coil system, the ninja performs a series of graceful movements while attacking sixty-four of the three hundred and sixty-one tenketsu. First, they attack two points, quickly followed by two more, then four more.

Next, they attack eight more tenketsu, followed by sixteen more, and finishing the attack with the last thirty-two. With these sixty-four points sealed, the opponent's inner coil system is entirely shut down, causing incredible internal pain and effectively preventing them from using their chakra. This is an extremely advanced jutsu that only members of the Hyuuga Clan can use.

Harichakra (Chakra Needles):
A Ninjutsu technique requiring a ninja to be able to use Jyuuken. The ninja creates small needles from the tenketsu upon their fingers that are able to slice through things made of chakra, which normally could not be broken.

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